Cerys Jackson - On Show @NHH

Visual Arts at Nevill Hall Hospital Displays / Exhibitions

July 2018


We have a new selection of artwork in Main Outpatients and in our display cases this month. Work from Cerys Jackson, Ella Wilding, Ralph Heron (Abergavenny Art Group) and younger artists can be seen on the ground floor of the hospital, near the main entrance.

Main Outpatients – Cerys Jackson - Exhibition


Cerys Jackson Artist

Cerys Jackson is a young artist whose practice is influenced by her work in Mental Health. 


“I am studying for an MA in Arts Health & Wellbeing with the University of South Wales, and for many years now my interests have been within art and mental health settings, both personally and professionally so this provides me the perfect opportunity to do both! 


Working within mental health has given me endless inspiration for my work, reflected in the work on display here. I have run a series of creative engagement sessions with patients over the years and I'm looking forward to continue these sessions along side my studies.


Cerys Jackson Artwork

To follow my journey of arts health and wellbeing and how I incorporate this into my professional work please follow me on Instagram at: cerysjacksonart or if you have a group who you think would benefit from creative engagement sessions please contact me at: cerysjacksonart@gmail.com “


This is the 57th show in a series of exhibitions in and around Nevill Hall Hospital, organised by Gwent Arts in Health. Garth is a local charity that realises the potential of the arts in promoting health and wellbeing. We always welcome enquiries from artists and groups who would like to share their work – please contact us.