On Show: Glenn Carney

An Exhibition of artwork by Glenn Carney

June - August 2020


Outpatients Waiting Area, 

Nevill Hall Hospital, Brecon Road, Abergavenny NP7 7EG

Glenn Carney


Glenn Carney and his work at Nevill Hall HospitalGlenn is a self-taught landscape painter whose work mainly depicts scenes from west Wales, in the colder seasons. This is a hobby which he began to place greater focus on about 10 years ago. He thought to himself, “what am I waiting for?". 


Glenn likes to show lonely places, or where the human footprint has faded.


Glenn is a a colourist, using strong tones to represent feeling. "For me, this is just instinctively done, with very little planning. I normally develop a painting as pure abstraction until something asserts itself which I must then bring to the fore." 


Glenn likes to revisit the same motifs again and again, "because it works like a meditation, and I only paint for my own relaxation."


See more of Glenn's work here at the Chuchgate Gallery.


This is the 68th show in a series of exhibitions in and around Nevill Hall Hospital, organised by Gwent Arts in Health. Garth is a local charity that realises the potential of the arts in promoting health and wellbeing.