Week 10


Martha, Candice, Aimee and Deborah


Martha is a young writer and photographer. Aimee is an artist and writer. They are both peer mentors with Platfform’s State of Mind project.


Candice is part of Platfform, connecting with young people to support mental health and social change. 


Deborah is lead artist on Gofalu Grange | Caring Connections, creatively building people, stories and friendship into the fabric of Grange University Hospital.


email: connect@platfform.orgdeb@davisandjones.co.uk


web: www.platform.org / www.gofalugrange.co.uk


instagram: @stateofmindfromplatfform@platfform4yp


vimeo: https://vimeo.com/350084871



Kaleigh and Andy O'Rourke


Andy O'RourkeArtist Andy O'Rourke has written about Kayleigh's (Yr 6 Garnteg Primary) superheroes. Everyone has someone different they look up to.


Andy: "I’m a maker, painter, facilitator and doodler. I set up Malarky, a community arts company, in ’97 and have worked with many thousands of people to help them create their own art. I work in all sorts of traditional and digital media and like to experiment with techniques."


email: info@andyorourke.com


web: www.andyorourke.com


instagram: @andy_orourke


facebook: @andy.orourke.50


twitter: @malarkyarts


image: Andy O'Rourke



Clêr Stephens, Carys-Haf Williams, Florence Boyd and Chris McGaughey


Cler StephensClêr Stephens is a Bilingual Actor/performer/creative, co-director of LaLaLa Productions. Carys-Haf Williams has just finished her final year at UWTSD studying Theatre Design and Production specialising in Stage management. Florence Boyd is an artist and illustrator based in Cardiff who has also worked in theatre. Sound editing by Chris McGaughey, Like and Egg Productions Ltd. Translation by Idiom 


email: florenceboyd83@gmail.com




web: lalala-productions.co.uk  / likeanegg.com idiom.cymru 


instagram: @la3productions  /  @caryshaf_sm   /  @florenceboyd  


facebook: Orite O What? 


twitter: @ClerStephens /  @CarysHaf1 




Poppy and Efa


Efa BMArtist Efa Blosse-Mason has drawn Poppy's (Yr 6 Garnteg Primary) superhero. Everyone has someone different they look up to.

Efa: "I am an animator, I am interested in how visual arts can communicate stories. My films often have themes of women, nature, Wales and queer-nes.  I like working on short films, documentaries and music videos as well as creating workshops for young people to learn about animation and to get involved."


email: efa.blossemason@gmail.com


web: http://efabmanimation.weebly.com/showreel.html


instagram: @efabm


twitter: @efagblossemason


youtube: Efa Green


vimeo: Efa BM


image: Efa B M



Lisa Derrick


Lisa DerrickI MAKE //

Abstract painting / illustrated comic strips / illustrations using coloured pencil, ink, a mouse or an iPad / jewellery using laser cut perspex, and recycled materials / paper cut outs.



Life and the world around us / body dysmorphia / chronic illnesses / mental health /  the rise of digital distractions / the effects of materialism on our behaviour and our planet / social policy / trees / seas / swimmers / buildings I enjoy / dogs. etc.



Poetry / short stories / longer fiction pieces formed from life experience / magic realism / dark comedy.


email: lisajaynederrick@hotmail..co.uk


web: www.lisajderrick.com


instagram: @lisajderrick


twitter: @lisajderrick


image: Lisa Derrick