Week 3


Caroline Stealey


Caroline Stealy - My Eye"I am a visual artist influenced by place, nature and historical events. I use maps and old historical documents for reference, and build layers of marks, usually with textiles and mixed media. I’ve recently been working with Deborah Aguirre Jones on the @GofaluGrange project."


email: stealey@gmail.com


web: https://carolinestealey.wordpress.com


instagram: @carotextileart


facebook: @Furzecat.c.d


twitter: @cmstealey


image: Recent work (Title: My Eye) made in lockdown for Textileartist.org online challenge. 


Efa B-M


Download Efa's Postcard image here:


Efa B M image"I am an animator, I am interested in how visual arts can communicate stories. My films often have themes of women, nature, Wales and queer-nes.  I like working on short films, documentaries and music videos as well as creating workshops for young people to learn about animation and to get involved."


email: efa.blossemason@gmail.com


web: http://efabmanimation.weebly.com/showreel.html


instagram: @efabm


twitter: @efabm


you tube: Efa Green


vimeo: Efa BM




Sarah Goodey


Sarah Goodey: Waterfall“I’m a fine artist based in Newport who works with photography, mutlimedia, story and site-specific installation. I’m interested in found and accidental objects, and enjoy playing with scale, texture and form in the natural landscape to abstract the familiar and prod our perceptions.”


email: sarahgoodey@yahoo.co.uk


instagram: @sarahnicolegoodey


facebook: @sarah.n.goodey   


twitter: @shadey_tree


image: Waterfall


Ben Connors


Ben ConnorsBen Connors is an artist whose work explores themes of collaboration, identity, representations and communication. He makes drawings, murals, animations and comics.


web: www.benconnors.co.uk


instagram: @benconnors



Jo Fong


Jo Fong - Image by Colin Ricketts"I work in dance and movement, theatre and live art. For several years I’ve been working on a project called Ways of Being Together. The events are about connection, welcome, forming community and the value of diversity. Being present, Touch, Talking, Listening, Face-to-face experiences, Performances, Kitchen-table discussions. All the things that are tricky right now."


email: jo@jofong.com


web: www.jofong.com


instagram: @fong.jo


facebook: @JoFong


vimeo: Jo Fong


plus: 'Neither Here Nor There' is an ongoing project created and performed with artist Sonia Hughes Twitter @NHNThere


image: Image by Colin Ricketts