Week 4


Christian Hart




Robin Fisher


Robin Fisher"I’m an Artist Practitioner currently studying towards my MA in Arts, Health & Wellbeing, and have an undergraduate degree in Illustration. I’m interested in how creativity, merged with Positive Psychology concepts, can benefit a wide range of people, particularly those with Alzheimer’s/dementia and their carer’s. I’ve been volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Society for a while and really enjoy seeing the benefits creativity can bring to the inspiring individuals I visit."


email: kingfishercw@yahoo.com


web: www.kingfisher-creative-wellbeing.co.uk



Zosia Krasnowolska




Sahar Saki




Amelia Thomas


Amelia Unity - Photo credit: Suhmayah Banda"I am best known for murals, but also for my participatory practice and involvement in hip-hop culture. Favoring spray-paint on walls, I also create work on canvas, write and perform lyrics. Much of my work has a focus on graffiti, nature and the human connection to these two juxtaposing ideas. "


email: ameliaunity@gmail.com


web: www.millimagic.com


instagram: @artbyunity


facebook: @ameliaunity (spoken word), @millimagic (art)


twitter: @ameliaunity


youtube: Unity


image by Suhmayah Banda