Sue Hunt

At present, my work is based on botanically inspired forms. I don’t seek to imitate nature, but to make work inspired by it, and through this, hope to communicate something of the spirit of life force coming into being. My focus is on drawing, combined with an interest in abstraction in terms of composition. A fascination with the subtle energy of botanical forms and motifs has underpinned my work. The images of plant life could be read as an analogy of life: birth, growth and fading towards extinction, our parallel co-existence within the natural world. Life can be brief, forceful, and transient. These elements I recognise as becoming fundamental to my work, and it is the poignancy of this reflection that I wish to communicate.




Paul Crompton

For decades photographers have shared a fascination for flowers, perhaps most beautifully by Imogen Cunningham in the 1930s and Robert Mapplethorpe 50 years later. My interest is not in cataloguing the botanical names, genus and cultivars of flowers, although I try to name each subject. What interests me is exploring the form, shape, line and colour of the flowers I photograph, and how the essential elements of light and the single lens of the camera captures these. The way that light reveals texture, form and colour is critical to expressing the beauty I see in flowers. While the monocular perspective, magnification and shallow focus, differentiate the parts of the flower from the background, revealing detail only seen in closeup. My exploration is often intimate, frequently focusing on the reproductive elements of the flower, the stigma and stamen, which are infinitely variable and endlessly fascinating. 


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This is the 76th show in a series of exhibitions in and around Nevill Hall Hospital - if you or your group would like to share work, please contact Sarah.Goodey@wales.nhs.uk